Vidyarjan Academy has refined the Mentored Online Courses

We at Vidyarjan Academy launched Mentored Online Courses (MOC) on 25th May 2020. In these four months, we spoke with quite a few individuals. This interaction has helped us refine this offering.

The Mentored Online Course (MOC) will now specifically provide mentoring to teams for their project-based learning. A team can have up to five college students or up to three graduate professionals. We will provide curated online learning content for self-study. The content would include videos, articles, and practice quizzes. The mentoring interaction would happen once or twice in a week.

The project-based learning is quite effective for development of skills such as Digital Marketing, Data Analysis & Visualization, Software Development, and English Communication. Before beginning the course, we set up the con call between the mentor and the team in which the scope and schedule of the project can be decided. The time of such project could vary between three to six months.

We look forward to your feedback on this type of online course. Details are available at

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