Launching Resume Review Service (RRS)

We have been conducting resume writing workshops wherein we review resumes of some of the willing participants. When I conducted resume writing workshop at Kirti College, Mumbai, there were too many participants, who wanted to get their resume reviewed. Due to time constraint, I couldn’t do it for everyone. Since we take small number of participants in our online resume writing workshops, we have been so far able to review resumes of all the willing participants.

This experience has given us the idea that perhaps providing a review of resume could be a useful offering in itself. To assess the interest in this offering, we are making this offering available to everyone at an introductory price of Rs. 99.

What will this Resume Review Service (RRS) offer? It will provide an online interaction with a subject matter expert, who will not only evaluate the resume but will also offer suggestions for improvement. Let me explain how one can avail this service.

To get started, the interested candidate should visit RRS stands for Resume Review Service! On this webpage, the candidate will see the link on which he/she can upload the resume. We recommend that the candidate should upload the resume as a PDF file before making the payment. We will contact the candidate to schedule 25-minute Zoom meeting with the reviewer. As our team of faculty and advisors come from diverse background, we can choose the most appropriate subject matter expert as the reviewer. During the Zoom meeting, the reviewer will share his/her evaluation of the resume and provide suggestions for refining the resume. The online interaction will help the candidate to get the doubts clarified and ask questions, if any.

Kindly help us spread the word about this new offering. We hope it will be useful for a large number of job-seeking candidates.

PS: As an experienced industry professional, If you would like to help job-seeking candidates by reviewing their resumes then please get in touch with me. Having more reviewers from diverse background on our panel, will help us choose the most appropriate reviewer for the given resume.


Vidyarjan Academy has refined the Mentored Online Courses

We at Vidyarjan Academy launched Mentored Online Courses (MOC) on 25th May 2020. In these four months, we spoke with quite a few individuals. This interaction has helped us refine this offering.

The Mentored Online Course (MOC) will now specifically provide mentoring to teams for their project-based learning. A team can have up to five college students or up to three graduate professionals. We will provide curated online learning content for self-study. The content would include videos, articles, and practice quizzes. The mentoring interaction would happen once or twice in a week.

The project-based learning is quite effective for development of skills such as Digital Marketing, Data Analysis & Visualization, Software Development, and English Communication. Before beginning the course, we set up the con call between the mentor and the team in which the scope and schedule of the project can be decided. The time of such project could vary between three to six months.

We look forward to your feedback on this type of online course. Details are available at